Donkey Kong Nation

We remember Donkey Kong Nation not only for its almost photorealistic graphics, but also for its well-balanced gameplay, which still keeps up with the times. Donkey and Diddy have their own unique actions, but the overall gameplay is pretty much a timeless platformer: running, jumping, climbing on numerous things, and the ability to do it all in time.

As an added bonus, DKC waters down the gameplay with twirling ropes and climbing plants, levels with car rides, and searching for collectibles (occasionally hidden in one of the more obvious places). And the peaceful water levels at DKC are quickly the most effective in the category.

Super Mario RPG: The Tale of the Seven Stars

In 1996, many Nintendo fans eagerly awaited the release of the Nintendo 64, which was expected to introduce a revolutionary new generation of graphics and gaming to the PC. However, one of the most enthusiastic works of the Mario series came out of the box. a few months ago.

Super Mario RPG: Tale of the Seven Stars, developed by the collaborations of Nintendo and Squaresoft, made us look at the adventures of a mustachioed plumber from a whole new angle. Square, best known as a turn-based RPG programmer, has brought his technology to the Mushroom Kingdom, making it one of the best RPGs on Nintendo consoles.

It was an easy-to-learn game that also appealed to hard-core fans, and the regional story was not inferior in length to the classic parts of Final Dream. The New Characters: You’re bound to remember Mallow and Gino for a long period of time, unless of course you get spoilers beforehand.

Super Castlevania IV

Before Harmony of the Evening ushered in a new era of Castlevania (with an open world and all the little details that set it apart), Super Castlevania IV brought us some of the best direct gameplay in the series, plus show your full potential. from the Super NES. Mesmerizing soundtrack, clever use of Configuration 7, parallax scrolling, and also great visual impacts worthy of a high-quality scarer – all these made for a great experience. It put Super IV in the brighter 16-bit part of the collection, beating the NES game every time. To protect your computer from any threats and save yourself the hassle, visit our website and download snes roms as many free ROM games as you want.

Super Castlevania IV spared no expense. fun: there were gigantic patterns and also rich settings. The video game arrived. It has become a real technical development for its time, and even today it is capable of captivating all action fans with its timeless gameplay.

Final Dream III

Everything previously said about the total cinematic nature of the SNES works puts in Last Fantasy III (which is actually the sixth installment in the franchise industry). The main characters of the game experience one obstacle after another, but they don’t give up trying to save the world. Each episode of this journey is told by real masters of their craft, and the story remains the same poignant even after decades.

This is a true work of art, worthy of the highest possible appreciation (on our list of the best video games of all time, the position ranks 14th). Last Fantasy VII made a great contribution to the popularization of the JRPG genre, but let’s face it, FF6 is much better than its successor in all aspects, be it personalities, songs, villains, and story. . If it had the exact same awesome (and complex) CG trailer as FF7, it would top all the best video game lists.

Super Mario Kart

It’s unsubstantiated, but once upon a time, cute anime kart racing actually entertained gamers. Super Mario Kart appeared on the screen. At a time when all the competitive simulators were looking for realism and, consequently, the races of Mario and his friends in intense scenarios looks & iacute;an really fresh and initial. And they certainly got a lot of fans too.

And while the Mario Kart franchise is still expanding with new parts building on the ideas embodied in the initial one, we’re still excited to experience the first part today. He is not puzzled by the frankly useless hero abilities and is not bothered by Internet connection problems, which cannot be said for subsequent installations. Gorgeous 2D graphics, a cast of well-known personalities, as well as a host of other characters. such as intriguing tracks and coins scattered around the locations – this is probably all that is needed for an excellent racing simulator in the Mario cosmos.

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